I Am an Artist Retreat

WHY AREN’T YOU LIVING YOUR ART YET? You already know that when you live in your creative flow, it’s gonna change everything! Your relationships, your business, your sense of ALIVENESS. But you just don’t have time. It’s this faraway dream that you keep putting off for tomorrow (that never comes). So you do other things… but the dreams don’t go away. They keep haunting you. “I really wanna dance more” or “I wish I was doing more with my singing” or “I need to be on stage finally» Really though, when you start to dig in, you just don’t know where to start. How do you map out all of the ideas and possibilities? The ghost of your unfulfilled inner child is wanting to play with you but you’re dead. This child wants to bring you back to life! Somewhere along the path, you abandoned your creative self and stopped believing it was possible. And underneath all of this, deep down you just don’t believe in yourself enough to commit to the vision. There are three essential ingredients that open up creativity. Believing that you ARE an artist and making time to create. Being surrounded/inspired by other artists and energising each other’s creativity Sharing your art and seeing the positive impact it has in the world So many people think it’s just too far away or too complicated to make art, but it’s not true. We’ve created an immersive art experience that will show you how effortless being an artist actually is. “I Am an Artist” is a 5 Day Retreat where you will embody your most authentic, fully expressed artist. Live as an artist and create every single day. Our promise is that you will leave this retreat with 100% confidence and certainty that you ARE an ARTIST. You will leave with art and as art You will know exactly how to create the art that you have always dreamed of creating and gain clarity on the next steps to take. Here’s what you get: – Mentoring by 3 world class, professional artists Yana, Atlas and Alpha – A safe space to meet your personal edges and grow as an artist – Experience creating art in the form of music, dance, film, theatre, spoken word, photography, painting and more. – Lifelong connections with artistic collaborators. Your art soul tribe. – Your own artworks to share with the world. And the practicals: From 17 to 22 March 2020 Food and Accommodation in a beautiful location for 5 nights Limited to 20 Spaces $2900AUD. Deposit of $500 BOOK HERE: https://alphamama.lpages.co/i-am-an-artist/