Practitioner Certification: Level 1 in Applied Mindfulness

Enjoy your Continuing Professional Development   72 Hours CPD I $2,200 Special up front fee or 6 monthly payments of $422 (Total $2,532) If you need to pay via invoice for up front fee, when you Register, fill out the form then click ‘Show’ on the ‘More payment options’ link at the bottom of the page and click ‘Invoice’. Click here for the 6 month payment plan   The Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification is designed for people who want to learn both traditional mindfulness skills and concepts, and how these skills and concepts are applied in contemporary professional and leadership contexts. This is the first level of the full International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification. It offers a solid foundation to cultivate awareness, focus,  knowledge and practice through mindfulness. Certification is offered upon successful completion all requirements.  In Level 1,  You have the chance to really learn what mindfulness is, how mindfulness relates to all other types of meditation, how mindfulness can transform your own life, your communications with others and their lives, and your ability to communicate with and lead others.  Membership of the AIAM community.   Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced mindfulness practitioner you will learn some unique new skills, concepts, and ways to apply mindfulness, from one of Australia’s most experienced mindfulness teachers. Three 3 day courses (Level 1, of International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness certification):MBCT – Mindfulness Essentials – 20 hours CPDMindful Conversations – 20 hours CPDMindful Leadership – 20 hours CPD Assessment – 12 hours CPD You can attend on the dates/cities of your preference within the time frame, and which you can confirm with us by email. Pre requisites A Professional and or leadership background and an appreciation for integrity, vitality, compassion and wisdom provide good grounding for all of the Australian institute of Applied Mindfulness programs. Cost $2,200 Special upfront fee $422 per month (Total $2,532) on our 6 month payment plan **Please email us when you sign up to the payment plan so we can book you in to your preferred dates** Certification You are awarded your Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification upon satisfactory completion of all elements of the training and assessment. Assessments criteria have been formulated with reference to the Mindfulness Based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI TAC).Assessment is based on emerging competencies, rather than a set amount of teaching or practice.Competence is dependant on various factors including levels of experience of mindfulness meditation and retreats, familiarity with movement practice as well as entry level teaching and clinical and/or leadership skills. We envision that different trainees may require further ongoing practice, retreat or teaching work before they become confident in their role and in the skills, knowledge and wisdom involved in teaching and training. You will be advised if there are any steps of the Certification that you have to complete before submitting your final Certification materials.  Presented by: Liana Taylor, Clinical Psychologist, International Mindfulness Teacher and Keynote Speaker,  the leading provider of applied mindfulness training in Australia.  The other two levels of the full Program are: International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification: (3rd level program) Mindfulness in Action: Mindfulness Adventure Retreat – 10-day retreat in South Island New Zealand Leadership Wisdom Masterclass – 6-month online Assessment- take home Master Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification: (2nd level program) In-Depth Mindfulness Retreat – 5-day retreat  Vulnerability and trengths – 5-day retreat  Teacher Training Masterclass – exclusive to Certification students Assessment- take home When you register for a certification program, you are automatically registered for the courses or retreats relevant to that level, plus master classes, mentoring, supervision, and study modules.  You can attend on the dates/cities of your preference within the time frame, and which you can confirm with us by email. To help ensure you have the best opportunity to develop your professional expertise, you will also be automatically registered to receive the occasional email from us. These emails will include information and articles about mindfulness and upcoming courses and events.   For more information

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