Unlock Your Incredible Self, Bethania Community Centre, Thursday, 27. February 2020

Unlock your Incredible Self is 3 day seminar experience.
Former Australian karate Champion & Seminar Leader Joshua Roy is employed full time as a Sergeant of Police.  Throughout his career and life, he has been exposed to the best and worst of human behaviour.  As a student and teacher of NLP and neurological repatterning, Joshua Roy has found a healthy balance between emotional mastery, spirituality and pragmatic practice.   
Too many people live in a condition of stress, feeling the overwhelming pressures and demands of their career, and their relationships.  Too much stress can lead to failing physical and mental health.  Associated mental illnesses such as clinic depression and high anxiety plague our society, and this is becoming a major concern to the health department.  As a life he has created a program that is both practical and transformational.  
The title of this seminar pre-supposes that you are incredible.  It is true .... You are incredible. You can rise above the challenges that encroach up you.  You can make a huge difference in this world. You can find fulfillment as you push against the boundary conditions of your thinking.
Sign up now to this life-changing seminar experience and multiply your results in life.  Increase your income, improve your relationships and maintain a healthy body and mind.
Day 1. Joshua Roy will guide you to dissolve limiting beliefs, resolve irrational fears, & replace laziness with unstoppable motivation. He has the tools & technologies to empower you to unlock your potential. Begin the process of conditioning yourself for change by developing a psychology of excellence, increasing emotional intelligence, & utilizing principles of resourcefulness.  
Day 2. Joshua Roy will share exciting new ways to enhance your ability to communicate with influence. If you’re a Business leader, Sales manager, Coach, Mother, Father, or just want to be able to express yourself in a more effective way, this is the event for you! You will learn vital skills that will empower you to touch, move, and inspire a group of people, or an audience of one. Powerful Communication Patterns, and killer influence technology.
Day 3. Turn your dreams into reality! The powerful processes will renew and improve your: finances and abundance, career and success, relationships, family and friendships, health and fitness, spirituality and connection.
YOU WILL - let go of pain and baggage of the past, release burdens and feel lighter step into your best self-remove barriers and blocks to your ultimate future create a life you love living expand in ways you never dreamt possible become a master problem solver remove addictive self-sabotaging behaviours learn the skills you need to succeed live with purpose, meaning & enthusiasm.
Want Value. The seminar is valued at $1495. 3 full days - saturation environment. 9am-6.30pm.
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Seminar Inclusions. 6 months of group coaching with Joshua Roy. $600                                        Access to resources that will assist you as you continue the change.  $600
Here is what people are saying About Joshua Roy.
During the last few months I had been struggling with self-doubt and belief in bringing my passions out into the world through a new business venture. I attended a seminar with Joshua and learned strategies to change my state of being and restore my faith, momentum and positivity for my new journey ahead. So grateful for the new tools I now have to work with. Thank you Josh! 
Great topic concisely delivered
Great engagement, even for the external processors amongst us.
Really interesting plus left me wanting more. Excited to hear the hope for my future and to unleash the power I have within.
It was very clear and given in a very entertaining way. Good examples.
Yes, very interesting. Good content to learn to move toward an open relationship/communication.
Passionate speaker with clear opinion. Grateful for your contribution to our better self. Excellent all the way.
Great information. Very interesting. Great use of metaphor loops (stories). Left hanging for a while, we waited for the big “message”. Great flow.
It has been a really enjoyable eventing. Thank you so much.
Delivered with passion, open heart and kindness.
Enthusiastic, helpful, informative.
Left a good impression, confident speaker and skilled and experienced in all forms of life coaching and mind work.
Very informative and interesting
Very enthusiastic presenter.
It was a great experience. Loved the energy of the presenter. Got the audience involved.
Really wonderful presenter and presentation.
Everyone was engaged. The evidence is in the interaction of the group. Covered heaps of information. Maybe a little overload however of the excitement at the end, I would say that they absorbed what you offered.
Excellent. It motivates me. My desires increase. I want to grow more, by being in the right state. More gratitude, thank you.
Today was a great awakening for me. I was slack in my personal goals and I was reminded that I need to really live and enjoy all that I have and plan a great next 10 years.
Great involvement of everyone with language, intention and energy.
Good presentation. Excellent delivery. Very enjoyable information.
Learned more and felt motivated to a high level. I felt great tonight. Thanks for your high level of motivation.
Liked the structure. Key points followed by enough information to demonstrate and reinforce.
Fantastic enthusiastic and personable. Engaging and encouraging improvement and personal development. Time well spent. Better than a good movie. High praise.
Really great techniques.
Very well thought out and put together. Great content and very practical application.
Informative and live changing.
Very clear and concise and the techniques are applicable.
Very interesting information Examples demonstrated clearly explained, and captivating. Am interested in more.
I like the energy. I enjoy being like a kid. Enjoy feeling crazy.
Thanks. Great. I am learning and changing. Better attitude.

Thursday, 27. February 2020, Bethania Community Centre, Unlock Your Incredible Self

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